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Hello my name is John, but I go by Iron Hawk online, I enjoy extreme sports games, skateboarding, loads of different kinds of art, and a wide variety of music, from skate punk all the way to ambient music.

I enjoy modding games, mainly skateboarding games, and have done many different mods and levels, some which haven't even seen the light of day and some that have, and while not all of them have been released, I continue to try to make bigger and better projects, improving on my previous ones and get better with each project.

I also make music, while I do enjoy many genres right now I just stick to making ambient music. It is a way for me to let out some emotions while still creating something that people can enjoy, and it is something I enjoy doing as well.

Additionally I also make art every now and then, and while I do mostly traditional art, I sometimes do digital art as well, its mostly landscape and environment stuff right now but with each piece i'm practicing new techniques and abilities to make better art.

Plus there are loads of other things I enjoy and do, like speedrunning games, collecting physical music (I.e. cd's, cassette's, vinyl's, etc), collecting extreme sports games, and much more.

If your interested in any of these things then checking out the contents on this site and maybe checking out some of the stuff on my youtube channel and soundcloud and stuff might be a good idea, you might find some content that you like.

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